Monday, March 02, 2009


I am SO excited!!! I FINALLY have a little digital camera so I can join everyone else in the blogging world, sharing pictures of my fluffy, drop ear, tricolor Corgi, Baci, (seen here, having a little swim today!) ......scenery, culinary successes , gardens, clouds, beautiful or otherwise exemplary ephemera/stuff...whatever I cannot manage to fit underneath the lid of my scanner.
I can actually write about something other than finished artwork.......or work I cannot show. are a few pictures I took today on the first actually sort of warmish late morning so far this year.

Baci on the dock

Someone's hat and driftwood on the beach and wonderfully colored kayaks & a sneak peek at a picture book illustration midway...shhhh, does this count?

Now, back to work.

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Indigene said...

Oh, it's such fun visiting here! I love the shot of your work! Are you strictly a Golden Girl or do you use a variety of brands? :)