Monday, November 30, 2009

The Alphabet In No Particular Order

Here is the newest Animal ABC piece, this time..... W, X, Y & Z !
wallpaper, wolf, white, woolly, warm, yellow, wood, xylophone, zebra, zither, zipper, yo-yo, window, Winter, wainscoting, zig-zag
I love jumping about, in no particular order.......I do this lots of times with picture book illustrations, too.
........ I find sometimes the end looks different ( but it wasn't meant to, designed to ) from the beginning if the project spans a long time & I just plod along in a straight line,  Sometimes one just evolves as the project progresses and ones simply sees a bit differently and sometimes deadlines nip at ones heels like wild animals so one makes choices that one wouldn't make otherwise. Also, I need to keep myself entertained so I mix the sketches up and just do what's on top of the stack.......
   working on K, L, M now.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Has it Really Been So Very Long?

  In old  movies, I love the way the passage of time is shown by calender or diary pages flipping in atmospheric, gritty shades of greys.......picture that device here.
 I've been working, working, anything but a moody palette, here is a little of what's been keeping me busy, busy, busy lately ( see sketches a couple of posts ago ):

Animal ABC...P & Q
Queen, quail, question marks, pile of pillows, plaid, polka dots, puppets, panache, pearls, pig, puffy parka, pockets, pair, penguins, quilt!

Animal ABC...... A
Alligator, Autumn, airplane, apples, apple pie, arbor, ascot, argyle, ants

new spread from Pobble's Way/ Simon Van Booy/ Flashlight

& another one

& a little bit of Something Else.......surprise, here before we know it!
    Back to work, chattier next time.
       love, W