Wednesday, June 08, 2011


    This year as much as I am longing for the scent of newly turned earth and the sweetness of the
tenderest of green leaves unfurling in the early morning sun, and all the loveliest joys of a garden.........
I am letting it pass me by. My garden spot here, where I'm renting right now, gets too little sun and so I've chosen to spend my energies painting gardens and all the growing and blooming and ripening instead. So far the quickly passing days and evenings are producing an  explosion of paintings and it's not even Summertime yet.
   A bit of what's been going on, been growing...... on the drawing board lately:

Vegetable Garden

Container Garden
Birdhouse Border 1

Birdhouse Border2

Wild Rose Border

Garden Spots

Flower Garden

  "Gifts of the Season" my new Holiday fabric group for 2011 is shipping now........will post next time, soon...and, would you believe......I'm back to painting SNOW.....and snowmen, for Holiday 2012.
 Enjoy the lovely weather, and if you have a garden....send my regards! Thank you!