Saturday, October 17, 2009

Illustration Friday - Frozen!

  This week's theme for Illustration Friday is "frozen".
I simply cannot resist posting illustrations featuring frosted branches, snow, Wintry themes, rosy cheeked children, woodland animals or colorful scarves and hats.......the kinder, gentler side of frozen, with dreams of hot chocolate waiting in a warm, cozy cabin just outside the picture.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Squirrely Sneak Peeks/Lavori Recenti

Oh I AM buried in drawing and painting between now and the end of the year at least.....I'm really not complaining.....I just keep thinking I should have more diverse interests and get out more. It does seem as though I post here or visit a friend for a few hours and then get back to work, only to look up and find a week, or more, has gone by. I have found some Italian language CDs and am boning up on la bella lingua, I can do that at least, while I paint.......I worked so hard at becoming fluente and seems all my conversational skills, in any language to be honest, have become a bit rusty from lack of use!
I have grand plans to get out more..... licensing shows? Bologna? La Citta Eterna, Rome, again....? surprises!.....
 mi sento come questo: mi dispiace di continuare a chiacchierare incessantemente ma sto lavorando senza sosta tutti questi giorni! Punto e basta.....
lavori work:


Divertiti e ciao, have fun, bye ........