Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Has it Really Been So Very Long?

  In old  movies, I love the way the passage of time is shown by calender or diary pages flipping in atmospheric, gritty shades of greys.......picture that device here.
 I've been working, working, working......in anything but a moody palette, here is a little of what's been keeping me busy, busy, busy lately ( see sketches a couple of posts ago ):

Animal ABC...P & Q
Queen, quail, question marks, pile of pillows, plaid, polka dots, puppets, panache, pearls, pig, puffy parka, pockets, pair, penguins, quilt!

Animal ABC...... A
Alligator, Autumn, airplane, apples, apple pie, arbor, ascot, argyle, ants

new spread from Pobble's Way/ Simon Van Booy/ Flashlight

& another one

& a little bit of Something Else.......surprise, here before we know it!
    Back to work, chattier next time.
       love, W

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Paula Pertile said...

So beautiful Wendy! I love that fat little mouse. :~) And all of it - you're so amazing.