Friday, March 27, 2009

Illustration Friday: Poise!


[poiz] noun, verb, poised, pois⋅ing.
this is the sixth definition of the word, as a noun, from Merriam Webster
6. the state or position of hovering: the poise of a bird in the air..........
or an
unseen helicopter as it delivers a fantastical gigantic blue stove with optional copper samovar to a Bakery in a forest, staffed by bears........"the anticipation was palpable as the bears watched the poise of the helicopter as the stove swung from the ropes!!"


Indigene said...

I love bears and yours are so exceptional! What amazing work you create, it is a pleasure visiting!

theartofpuro said...

Wonderful and amazing work,great style and concept

thedoodlegirl said...

So hilarious! This is an incredible piece. Really well done.