Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flight Of Fancy

Flight of Fancy
watercolor and acrylic on Fabriano watercolor paper 8.25 X 7
please enquire to purchase

quiet, quiet....I have the best intentions to write more but I'm not certain that the daily routine of dog walking on the beach and tea (Assam or Darjeeling ) making and paintingpaintingpainting, punctuated by drawing and forays into town would make for worthwhile reading......the daily routines of others, however, seem much more driving by houses at night and catching glimpses of the interiors of strangers.....the light spilling out so alluring.....little snapshots of domestic perfection, as seem from the outside anyway.

I am working on the projects I can't post so I painted the above kitty portrait, the way I recall Fancy, the tiger striped kitty of my childhood...... to have something to show. I've decided to offer the original for sale, so just ask.

It appears that Winter is loosening his (her?) grip a bit, although snow is forecast up in the mountains and the surrounding area.......this time of year in the Pacific Northwest is fickle, Camellias are about to bloom and the Witch Hazel is blooming her little honey scented heart out....

primroses and crocus dot the greening lawns with spots of bright color and daffodils and narcissus are pushing up out of the loosening of all.......scent has returned to the air! I LOVE that.

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tlc illustration said...

I like the catnip mice! :-) Fun picture.

Do you have witch hazel? (I want some...)