Saturday, April 09, 2016

Painting Mostly Animals

Bringing Home The Tree
                  Funny how things happen without consciously deciding that this is what will happen...
     I decided to update my long  overlooked blog and post some new work and realized
that I seem to have spent much of the past two years painting animals!
Here are some of my recent pieces, lots of animals...but there a few images to be painted of nothing but people and  there is a gnome-y sort of fellow which is kind of a person!!!!
                   Working on two companion pieces to Mammals right now, Farm Animals and Snowmen...which are, again, sort of like people!

Animal Characters

Sleeping Pussywillow Ladies ( Fox's Surprise Birthday )

Fox ( Fox's Surprise Birthday )
Fox's Birthday cake ( detail )  
Fox's Birthday Cake ( detail )

Fox's Birthday Cake ( Fox's Surprise Birthday )

Deer ( Fox's Surprise Birthday
The Countess
Lautrec Toulouse

The Party


Mexican Sour Gherkins, seed pack art Hudson Valley Seed Library
              Thank you for spending a few minutes here....I appreciate it,
                       I'll post again time....Farm Animals!

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