Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Best Part of the Day

A brand new just released 2 days ago picture book is a very exciting thing for everyone involved in the blessed event.

As the illustrator, I spent many months drawing and then painting the illustrations for this book. That part wasn't unusual, that's what happens with every book I illustrate.
But this book...everyday for months, for hours everyday...I was steeped in Gratitude, buoyed as it were in a sea of thankfulness.

   This is from the back of the book, for those old enough to read such things, a message "upon reading this book", from Sarah;
   " Each day all we have is all we need, although many days what we truly need is an awareness of how much we have. Gratitude makes this transformative miracle possible in tiny choices and small steps. The pace of Grace is best bestowed while holding a child's hand."

  While working on these paintings I fell in love with the concept, the practice of introducing Gratitude to small children, especially in these times when busyness and overwhelm and scary events that feel beyond ones control seem to be front and center. Creating a space for quiet reflection  is a gift I try to give myself everyday, counting my blessings and reminding myself that I am surrounded by abundance, miracles, large and small and that my life, always, is so very full of so much to be grateful for.
 Again, from the book, "...our happy task as we read to our children and grandchildren is to help them ( as well as ourselves! ) recall a few moments which brought smiles to their faces and made the day special. When we do this, we explore the grace of Gratitude, not as a "grown-up" philosophy, but as a creative and spiritual practice that anchors our lives in appreciation and wonder".
 She goes on to say more, but you'll have to read the book!

Working on this book made me happy, and I hope that happiness shines through in the finished paintings. I am grateful to Cheryl, Diane and Marji at Regnery Kids who chose me to illustrate this book and, of course, I am deeply thankful to Sarah for writing it in the first place....and to everyone who  takes a moment, everyday, to recall the best part of their day!

Advance copies...the day the books arrived!!!!

Oh, and before I forget, The Best Part of the Day can be found at bookstores everywhere and of course online at Amazon ,
Barnes & Noble

                                                                       Thank You

                                                                       best, Wendy


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Somerset Wedding Gal said...

This sounds amazing, well done for finishing the book and I love the sound of the concept!