Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

How fun to paint a portrait of a cat after painting 5 dogs , with another 2 dogs waiting in the wings.
Kitty, kitty.....this seems so casual, so completely lacking in a certain je ne sais qua that this particular cat has in spades...the antithesis of this literally awesome Maine Coon in the snow.....
This is Sherlock in Winter.
Not much more I can say, what a handsome CAT!..... what fun to paint!

"It's perfect! I opened your email at work and when I saw the portrait a huge smile came over my face. That's our Sherlock.... the look you captured on his face is classic. We will enjoy this very much."

thank you so much for that D.D.! The satisfaction that I feel when I hear that I have been successful not only in painting something pleasant to look at, or well executed...but that I have succeeded in capturing the essence of a particular animal for their human family, and in touching something intangible in a heartfelt way......that is an enormous pleasure for me.

I am longing for Spring.......cold COLD again, saw some snow flurries today.
Dreaming of Angel's Trumpets, Mandevilla vines in glorious shades of PINK,tender pale green sprouts and shoots poking their sleepy cotyledon heads up out of rich, chocolate cake earth into the new Spring sunshine.
Waiting, kitty, kitty.

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Paula Pertile said...

This is really beautiful Wendy! Well, they ALL are!

Chocolate cake earth ~ mmmm, I love that.