Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flyer and Worthy!

Flyer & Worthy
Yes, another Pet Portrait! Here are two beautiful Australian Shepherds, a brother and sister from different litters.
.......I am actually working on several art projects that I can't show before I am really happy to have these little love poems to show.
Painting these Odes to Joy, I am reminded over and over of the traits that the animals with whom we share our lives bring out in us because they love us so unconditionally.
Painting them is a meditation on openness and vulnerability, fidelity, sweetness and trust, playfulness and honesty and love.
Lucky me!

As soon as I complete a portrait, I email my client who commissioned the portrait a scan, before I mail it off. I sent this one of Flyer and Worthy off late last night and this morning I received this:
"This couldn't be anymore amazing and awesome.
You do incredible work and it must bring you so
much satisfaction that your talent brings happiness to so many people.
Thanks you so, so much!
...........thank you, L.M., and yes, you're right.......your happiness, and the happiness others have expressed brings me ENORMOUS satisfaction.

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Anonymous said...

Artist this is Jesroy, What a nice way to winter, seeing your pet portraits!! Simon's brother looks like these Aussies. I know you are doing well seeing these portraits!