Friday, December 26, 2008

Pleasures of Winter

How fun is this?
Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, musicians extraordinaire, have just come out with a brand new CD, Pleasures of Winter , music for Winter and the Holiday Season featuring Jay & Molly's live performances from their annual Public Radio program with a variety of great musicians making guest appearances in the house band including: Harry Aceto, David Bromberg, Peter Davis, Peter Ecklund, Laurel Massé, Brian Melick, Michael Merenda, Ruth Ungar Merenda, Steve Rust, Butch Thompson, Tony Trischka and Sam Zucchini.

I was so delighted when they decided to use a painting of mine for the cover, I think ( hope! ) the spirit of the painting matches the spirit of the music really well.
Thank you Jay & Molly.

Please go visit their site to hear sound clips from this, and all their wonderful music.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jay Ungar and Molly Mason! I first learned of them when I bought the soundtrack to the PBS documentary "Not for Ourselves Alone" which was about Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton! This is so cool that I must buy the CD just to be able to boast that I know the Artist! (annavedo)

tlc illustration said...

Congrats on the CD cover. Sounds like perfect fit (and it is the *best* to get paid for already completed work! :-)

Hope your holidays have been lovely and that you weren't too buried by our freakish snow!