Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lemonade in Winter aka Pet Portraits

It is amazing, there must be 5 inches of snow outside......people in bright red Santa hats are going by on cross country skis accompanied by bounding, cavorting dogs!
It looks like Vermont out there more than a more often balmier island in the Pacific North West , but these are interesting times.....expect the unexpected!

Dogs! Yes Dogs seem to be playing a much larger role in my life than I once thought possible. I thought I was a "cat person" until my heart was stolen by a wolf dog we found wandering through a State Park in Vermont, who adopted us and whom we came to call Daisy. Daisy has gone on to where good and faithful dogs go when they leave us, and Baci, the fluffy Corgi now owns another hunk of my heart.

Now, into my life has come the opportunity to paint some wonderful dogs. I am having a terrific time doing this and thank the people these dogs live with for sharing these four legged Wonders with me.
I would love to keep painting more Pet Portraits, so if you'd like one, let me know! Oh, and I welcome cats and birds, iguanas, horses, cows and pigs, any animal you love!
Thank you!

Here are the first two finished "portraits" :

Reeses and Hershey


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