Friday, May 03, 2013

Tres De Mayo or Daisy at El Mercato

El Mercato
the marinating and percolating have come to an end, just today...
eventually one simply must stop ( as in enough already!!! ) and leave the realm of the mental and put pencil to paper and continue on that way.
When I begin a new book it becomes a character in itself...underneath it all, beneath what "happens".  This new book is whispering about gratitude, being safe and loved.....which is a lovely place from which to start.
  For me painting is an anodyne, it relaxes me and allows my mind to drift while I play with colors. Drawing is the work, the heavy lifting, a stimulant demanding focus and muscle.
  I just finished this watercolor. It goes with the previous post, more Daisy the cajeta colored dog in Michoacan. This painting is Daisy at the market...following her nose and the roasty toasty smell of tortillas.

   Now drawing.

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Dog Breed said...

Very cute. I raised Oreo from a puppy, none of the others. Both ways is nice, just different. Religious