Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet, Silly, Snowy

        Lately, there's a lot of stuff happening in the World that I feel uneasy about.
I'm grateful that I find Joy in the details, in the enduring small bits that continue always like gardens and flowers, sun warmed ripe tomatoes, dogs, babies, love, color and beauty, prettiness, always....and in the Awesome Enormous, the One who has, amazingly, chosen me to be the vessel of a gift...for that I am thankful daily, everyday.
The best way I know to show my gratitude and make some sort of sense of the world, and feel at home in it, is to paint my heart out. Painting is like a prayer. I'm painting a LOT, lately.

Sweet......the first in a series of cakes and pies, coming soon
Rose Cake 2

Rose Cake

 Silly....wait and see

Brush Your Teeth

Snowy.... a new collection

Happy Snowman


Happy Snowy Animals- Black and White

Happy Snowmen Icons- Black and White

Happy Snowman border

Happy Snowman Landscape border

Happy Snowman Landscape repeat

Mittens, mostly
Small Happy Snowmen

Scarves and Hats


       Thank You Very Much, Grazie Infinite, Merci Beaucoup, Muchisimas Gracias, Toda Raba


Dewi Isn said...

the cake is pretty and it looks delicious..yumm :d

missysue said...

Amazing work! Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring visit!!

love + luck + bliss,

Patti said...

You work is so warm and inviting. Very nice!