Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Snow in Summer

Oh! Summer! I adore Summer!
Between now and September ( which is a whole other Wonder ) the world is so very alive and full of flowers and sunshine and shady spots and rain and thunder and lightening and perfume and glorious vegetables growing while you watch and fireflies and porches and that particular color of a slightly hazy blue sky...High Summer Blue and curtains dancing lazily at open windows and lilies and tomatoes and cherries and tanned feet and playing in the hose and happy dogs and the smell of the grill and long evenings and pasta al limone eaten al fresco as the sun dips behind the trees and the jasmine fills the air and just so much wonderfulness packed into such a short time....
AND what am I doing?
I am inside the studio painting snowy woods, woolly hats and mittens and tracks in the snow and a cold, cold pond.
Here are 3 finished paintings for Pobble's Way by Simon Van Booy to be published by Flashlight Press ,Fall 2010.
Next come the animals in the wintry wood. Fun!
Next Summer I will have a summery Summer, this Summer is snowy.

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