Tuesday, August 07, 2007

MidSummer Night's Dream

When is MidSummer?
August 7 always seemed like MidSummer in Vermont, but right now, here, in the Pacific NorthWest, it feels more like Autumn. The air is cool and damp and sky is filled with dove grey eiderdown and the pale ivory grey of milkweed fluff, a palette of slate and charcoal and graphite and soot and steel, stones and the liquid silvergrey of flashing steelhead. Today the air was pungent with the scent of woodsmoke and evergreen needles, mostly cedar. The wisteria is confused, blooming again.
I do miss the heat and humidity of Vermont, great drippy tomatoes born of heat and then the tiny purple asters along the roadsides at Summer's end and the morning and evening fogs at the edges of meadows at Summer's close. And the leaves begin to change....
But now is more MidSummer....the Dog Days of August, than Summer's End.
Very mostly now I am loving that I am back in the arms of the MotherCountry, my Mexican Adventure ended a year ago and a bit more and I feel like the Phoenix, risen again... sometimes like the survivor of a hurricane or a storm that blew through my life....beginning with the terrible death of Gabriel and running its' course for three years in Michoacan and another here on this Island.
At last the Sirocco, the Mistral, the Santa Anna winds that have buffeted me have stilled and lace curtains are now ruffled gently by soft, sweet breezes....the hatches no longer need battening down and something deep and well loved is returning, a sense of Calm and Peace, along with the Passion.

I'm looking forward and not backward. Happy, so very happy to be back!

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